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Anonymous Browsing Proxy Private Proxy

  • Secure Your WiFi Internet Browsing
  • Bypass Restrictive Posting Limits
  • Unban Yourself from Forums
  • Access Multiple Servers with Rotating IP Addresses

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Anonymous Browsing Proxy

What is private proxy?

A private proxy is a secure server with 128-bit encryption that is applied to all your browsing traffic so no one can hack into your private information. You generally have to download software for a private proxy in order to access their private servers which doesn't work for school or work where there are Internet restrictions. A private proxy may only work with your browser traffic unless it is a VPN proxy.

Recommended Private Proxy - Private Proxy Software

Private Proxy has multiple servers located in the US and the Netherlands where each of the servers has multiple rotating IP addresses. The service requires software to access their servers. Private Proxy also contains 128-bit encryption on all your browsing traffic.

Private Proxy is a recurring subscription that requires a credit card for the 7-day trial to deter fraudulent usage on the anonymous proxy servers.

Private Proxy has two pricing options:

9.95 a month
24.95 for 3 months

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Why Use Private Proxy for Anonymous Browsing?

  • Fast Dedicated Secure Proxy Servers Located in the US and the Netherlands.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth No restrictions on the bandwidth you use.
  • 128-bit SSH Data EncryptionEncryption is applied while you are anonymously browsing.
  • Easy Installation with No ConfigurationInstall and access their secure proxy servers immediately.
  • No CensorshipYou have complete access to any website.
  • No Ads or DelaysNo advertising when accessing their secure proxy servers.
  • No File or Image RestrictionsTheir anonymous proxy servers do not limit what you access.
  • Multiple IP AddressesEach anonymous proxy server has rotating IP addresses.
  • Guaranteed Access - No Downtime Their secure proxy servers are always available.
  • FTP AccessAccess your FTP site through a secure proxy server.
  • Free UpdatesSoftware and server updates are free.
  • Free SupportE-mail or call; Fast response time.
  • Very AffordableOnly $9.95 a month or $24.95 for 90 days.
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Anonymous Surfing Proxy

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